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Educational Entry Requirements

Educational Entry Requirements

Though having adopted in 1984 the standard entry requirement of Advanced Level passes in the General Certificate of Education, the Council of the Association has accepted that it would be failing in its fundamental purpose as an international body, were it to insist on this educational entry standard applying throughout the world, since it could be enforcing a restrictive practice against the interest of a country, in which it conducts examinations. The Association is therefore prepared to consider for studentship, applicants holding five approved Ordinary Level passes in the General Certificate of Education or it's equivalent: passes having been obtained in English Language and Mathematics (or a kindred subject).

Educational Requirements:

Graduates of Approved Universities or

In terms of the General Certificate of Education or equivalent standard:


Two passes at Advanced Level and three at Ordinary Level.




One pass at Advanced Level and four passes at Ordinary Level (as below)

Note: For the purpose of satisfying the Advanced Level entry requirement the Association accepts the International Baccalaureate. In the case of academic certificates of comparable standard issued by Overseas Governments applicants must show proficiency in the English Language.


An applicant over the age of 25 years, who is unable to satisfy fully the educational entry requirement and has held an accountancy appointment for not less than three years, may apply to the Council for special dispensation, as a mature Student.

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