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The ACPAI - our hisotry

THE ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, founded 1979, was incorporated in London in 1984 and is a leading international accountancy body. Prior to the incorporation of the Association no professional accountancy body existed for the specific purpose of providing an international organisation for accountants.


Half yearly examinations, formulated and examined to the highest accountancy standards, have been held throughout the world since incorporation and arc of a comprehensive nature ensuring coverage of the skills and knowledge required for senior financial and management appointments in industry and commerce, public service, and as public accountants and auditors.










Pictured: Dr Anthony K. Edwards, FCPA, CPA, CIA, President CPA International

with the former President of CPA-Ireland.


The world wide examination network set up by the Association enables students in any part of the world to undertake the Association's examinations. The Association orientates its Professional Examination to national requirements by setting local law papers in Company Law and Taxation.


The membership of the Association comprises approximately 1350 members and students.


Concept and our Philosophy

The Association though having an international concept, nonetheless sees itself subject to national requirements in that while offering throughout the world a uniform examination of the highest standard, it does become necessary to ensure that the examinations and studentship requirements are such as to support the development of the accountancy profession and the national accountancy body in the country in which it examines; thus providing the indigenous accountant with both a national and an international accountancy qualification.


The Association is therefore not in competition with national accountancy bodies but complementary thereto and seeks their closest co-operation and understanding.

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