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The Association of
Certified Public Accountants
Int'l (CPA-United Kingdom)

The Association of Certified Public Accountants International (CPA-London) is a professional accountancy body founded for the purpose of developing a professional and educational Association, which will enable accountants worldwide to attain technical and ethical standards of the highest international order.

Our Services

Advantages of Becoming a CPA

By choosing ACPAI, you will attain a CPA certification with the following:

Eligibility for Studentship Registration

Applicants can present a case in application to a number of funded studentships we have.

Member/Student Services

Members and Students receive a number of tangible benefits

Educational Entry Requirements 

ACPAI has a fair and flexible set of criteria in terms of educational entry requirements which takes into account different educational standards from different countries.

CPD/CPE Courses & Exams

The ACPAI offers a wide range of continuing professional education services for all qualified accountants, as well as providing educational services for students and for those in other fields.

Ready to find out more?

If you have an interest in finding out more about our services, experience, professional integrity and adherence to the highest of standards, please feel free to submit a detailed enquiry.

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